Top Reasons Why your Website Traffic Dropped Suddenly – SEO

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In today’s article, we will talk about how to find out the reason if your website/blog traffic suddenly decreases and how to gain back the traffic of your website and blog.

The Top  reasons why your website traffic dropped suddenly have been discussed in this article, so please read this article very carefully and if you have any other queries, please let us know in the comment section. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Top Reasons Why your Website Traffic Dropped Suddenly - SEO

Just imagine that you open your laptop or computer after taking a good bath and having a delicious meal and that you get to see some such graph in the analytics report of your website/blog. Seeing this, your senses will be blown away. Not a single SEO expert or blogger wants to see this but what should be done if it happens.

Today we will talk about five steps, which you can follow one by one, and you will know the reason for the traffic going down on your website or blog.

Look for Google updates

Google releases an update every 2.5 hours on average, but broad core updates have the most impact. Google announced these updates on Twitter.

A Twitter account named Google Seach Liaison tweets the start and end of the broad core update’s rollout. If the traffic on your website has decreased suddenly, then you should check this account and see if Google has not launched any broad core updates recently.

Broad core updates can temporarily or permanently disturb the traffic of most websites or blogs. The graph of the website whose traffic is down due to broad core updates looks like this in both Search Console and Analytics.

Look for Google updates - Top reason for website traffic dropped suddenly - SEO

There is a sudden drop in the total traffic and then after going to the lower level, the traffic keeps on increasing slightly. This fluctuation is telling that the algorithm is not able to give up the position of your website right now. The algorithm knows that it does not have to give so much traffic, but it is not fixed yet.

By the way, you should not only see when the rollout of the update has started, but should also see that the rollout is over or not because the traffic of many websites is messed up in the middle of the rollout but back as soon as the rollout is over gets back on track.

Check for Google Penalty

If a website does not comply with Google Webmaster Policies and Google Content Policies, then Google can impose manual or automatic penalties on it. And the traffic graph on such a websites looks like this.

In the case of a manual action, the traffic on the website suddenly flashes.You can take the help of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

If the traffic of your website is also visible in such a way in which within a few days or weeks there is a sudden drop in the traffic of the website and then it remains stable at the bottom, then it is a sign of manual action by Google.

Check for Google Penalty - Top reason for website traffic dropped suddenly - SEO

In the case of manual actions, Google provides webmasters with details in the Manual Actions section of the Google Search Console.

Check Website for Crawling Issues

If your website has not been hit by any broad core update and has not received a penalty from Google, then your website may not be crawled suddenly by Google.

  • This could be due to a website issue or a hosting issue.

The good thing is that locating this issue is not too difficult or challenging, depending on your website.

You can check crawling issues with a tool called Screaming Frog. This is a must-have tool for technical SEO, and it is a downloadable tool that you can download and use in its free version. The free version gives you the facility to crawl up to 500 URLs and the paid version gives you the facility to crawl up to 15k URLs in a year’s license.

You cannot check the crawling issue by opening your website in the browser, because there is a big difference between visiting a website from the browser and visiting a website by the Google bot.

You can simply check the crawling issues of your website by visiting

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Check the Seasonality Of Your Traffic

Many times, it happens that the demand for the products or services that your website is talking about or selling is still very low.

Such products, services, pages, or topics can be seasonal. If the overall search is less on that topic, then your traffic will also work in the same ratio.

Let’s say your website’s keyword is SEO and your website is ranked on top 1 with this keyword. Your website gets about 20% of all the hits with this keyword. Every month there are about 1000 searches about SEO, out of which your website gets about 200 hits. But suddenly, in a specific month, only 100 people search about SEO. Even if your website rank remains on top 1 but your website traffic will decrease from 200 to 20.

You do not have to do anything in such a situation because there is no problem with your website.

You can add some additional keywords to your website portfolio, which will get you additional traffic and you can survey the extra content, so that the other pages of your website will start ranking for long tail queries and you will get good traffic from them.

If the traffic on your website is down for this reason, then there is no trouble or mistake in it.

Check Ranks & Backlinks

Backlinks play a very important role in the rank of any website. They can be positive or they can also be negative.Along with this, if the rank of your website is down for some reason, then this can also be the reason for the traffic of the website to fall down.

The work of detecting this can be done with any web analytics tool like semrush or ahref you can use them.

You can use Ahref’s free backlink checker to check the backlinks of your website. In a website, new backlinks are being created and old backlinks keep going. If the speed of your new backlink creation is less than the speed of losing the old backlink, then the total backlink volume of your website is being worked on, which can affect the traffic of your website.

You can do this analysis with semrush or ahref and you can confidently find out which element of the keyword or backlink is hurting the traffic of your website.


So these were the top reasons which you can find out the reason why your website traffic is disappearing overnight or for weeks and you can fix it. It takes time to get everything done, to be successful and you will also take time to learn SEO and give yourself time, everything will come.

 I hope you like this article and it may be valuable to you. If you have any queries about websites, SEO, traffic, or related to any other services, then comment down. We will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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