How to Promote YouTube Videos With Google AdWords

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In this article, we are going to learn How to promote YouTube Videos with Google Ads. Before we’re going to start here is a little introduction about Google Ads and How it works?

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a Google advertising platform that you can use to promote your YouTube videos, products, services, websites, applications, and many more. In Google Ads, you can select your budget (minimum 500 Rupees) and you can select your targeted audience like age range, gender, location, and interest-based.
For example, if you want to promote your gaming earphones, you can choose your selected locations where you provide your services. You can select an age range because most of the gaming audience is between 14 and 32 years old. You can filter your audience by interest. For example, Google will run your ad for that audience who loves gaming.

If you want to reach your target audience, then Google Ads is a good option.

How Google Ads Works?

Google Ads works as a mediator between advertisers and publishers.
Let’s understand simply…
 I want to promote my products on Google. I’m now an advertiser here.
And people who upload their content to Google are called “publishers.” Google takes an advertising fee from advertisers. Google will take a small amount as a platform or service charge, and the rest of the fees are distributed to eligible publishers.

Things to remember Before promoting YouTube Videos by Google Ads

  • If you have only one or two videos on your YouTube channel, then do not promote them because it will not be effective.
  • Try to make a series of YouTube videos and then promote it, because if any user comes to your video through Google Ads and watches all your videos from that particular series, then most probably they will convert to your subscriber.
  • Do not use misleading content while promoting your video because the first impression is the last.
  • Try to make a facecam video because it will give more trust to users towards your YouTube channel.
  • Try to connect with our audience in your comment section.

How to Promote YouTube Videos With Google Ads

You can promote your YouTube videos in two ways.
  • You can use a direct method from YouTube Studio by promoting your video option, but I will not recommend this because most of the things are controlled by Google and it will be too costly for you. By the
  • second method, you can do all the things manually to get more views on a lower budget. Are
you ready?
Step 1-Search on Google “Google Ads” or visit directly
If you’re a new user on Google Ads, visit this link to get Rs. 2000 in ad credit. Google Adwords.

How to Claim Rs. 2000 Ads credit

    • Click on the above click that is provided to you.
      • Enter your new Gmail id that was never used before in Google Ads and then click Get Offer Code.
      • You will get your promo code in an email from Google Ads after 5-10 minutes.

You can’t withdraw this ad credit from our account. For more information, read the terms and conditions.

Step 2-Create an account on with our Google account.

Step 3-Load your budget amount into your Google Ads account.

Step 4-After a successful transaction, you move back to your home page.

Step 5-Click on New Campaign, then select the last option, “Create a campaign without a goal audience”.

Step 6-Select a campaign type: Video, then click on the Custome Ad campaign and then click on the continue button.

Bit Strategy

  • I recommend you always select your bid strategy to maximum CPV. That means when users click on your video, Google will deduct a certain amount from your Ads Ads balance. You will get better results with this strategy. CPV means Cost Per View.


  • If you choose Target CPM Google, that means when your video is recommended to your target audience, they don’t need to watch your videos, Google will deduct a certain amount of money from your Google Ads balance. CPM means  Cost Per Impression.
Budgets and Dates
You have two options in the budget.
  • You can select your budget daily. For example, if I choose to spend 100 rupees every day on an ad campaign, Google will use only 100 of my balance.
  • But if you select the total budget, then it will all depend on Google. Google can spend your whole budget in 1-2 days or a week.
If you are a beginner, I recommend that you use a daily budget.
    • YouTube Search Results-YouTube will recommend your video at the top when someone searches for something related to your niche.
    • YouTube Videos-YouTube will recommend your videos at the top of the home page of YouTube. It is cheaper than another two types.
    • Video partners on display networks-YouTube will play your video before any video on Youtube. It is the most expensive.
    I recommend you select the first two types of networks to get better results at a low cost
Enter your targeted locations. If your content is for worldwide users I recommend you to target Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka, and India for better results.
Select the preferred language that you used in your videos.
Inventory Type
For better results, you can use Standard Inventory. It is also recommended by Google.
Skip all the additional things. If you want to understand your target audience deeper, then watch this video.


Audience Segments
Choose your target audience based on topic and categories.
Competitive bidding
This is the most important part. Bidding means you’re telling Google how much you can pay the maximum for a single view. If your account is new, then you can set your bid at 0.20 rupees per view.
You can edit it later.
Format: Video Ad Format
Step 1-Paste the YouTube video link that you want to promote.
Step 2-Select Video Discovery Ad for better results at a low cost.
Step 3-Enter the title of your video. You can use the same title that you use in your video.
Step 4-Enter two short descriptions of your video.
Step 5-Click on “Create Campaign.”
Do not use any brand names like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, etc., but you can use spelling errors like “Insta”, “Facobook.”


Your YouTube video ad campaign will go live in less than 24 hours after a successful review process.
If your ad campaign gets rejected, you can call a customer executive and ask them for the exact reason for disapproval. If you need any help, they will definitely help you.
Google Ads are the best way to promote your video and get an audience in a short period.
If you use it in the right way, you will definitely get better and better results.
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