How to run Facebook Ads for Beginners

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In this article, we are going to see How to Run Facebook Ads For Beginners. Before we start, here is a short introduction to Facebook Ads. If you are starting your new business, then promote it with Facebook Ads. You will definitely get more results in the future.

What is Facebooks Ads?

Facebook Ads is an advertising platform provided by Facebook that you can use to promote your business, Facebook Page, Website, videos, and many more.
For example, if you want to promote your beauty products on Facebook and Instagram, You must pay Facebook a fee, and in exchange, Facebook will show your product ad to your relevant or targeted audience.
In this article, we are going to focus on Facebook Ads and show you how to get more traffic to your website.
So let’s get started…
How to run Facebook Ads for Beginners

How to Run Facebook Ads for Beginners

To run ads on Facebook, you have to create a Facebook Page. If you have already, set your branding, profile pictures, and other Facebook page information carefully to get better results.

How to create a Facebook Page

Step 1: Launch Facebook on your smartphone or computer.
Step 2. If you are an existing user on Facebook, then login with your phone number/email and password, otherwise click on “Create New Account”.
Step 3. After successful login, click on the “Page” button.
How to run Facebook Ads for Beginners
Step 4. Enter your page name, category, and description carefully and set all the basic details.
How to run Facebook Ads for Beginners
and then click on the “Create Page” button.
Congratulations, your Facebook Page has been created successfully.
Now Move To Next Step
Step 1: Search for Facebook Ads Manager in Google or click here to go to Facebook Ads Manager.
Step 2: Sign in with the Facebook account you used to create your Facebook Page.
Step 3. After a successful Login and your screen will look like this.
Step 4. Click on Create Ad and select the Traffic option, then click on Continue.
How to run Facebook Ads for Beginners

Campaign Name

Enter your campaign name, unique and rememberable, so that in the future, if you make more campaigns, you will easily find which campaign is based on which targeted audience and niche.

Ad Categories

You have to choose your ad category based on your niche.
For example, if your ad campaign relates to social issues, politics, and elections, you can select it, otherwise, ignore it.

Campaign Details

  • Buying Type

Select your buying type with caution. If you have already, then ignore this part.

  • Campaign Objective
In this part, you have to select anyone out of 11 options.
For example, if you want to run an ad for more website visits, then choose the Traffic Option, and if you want more application installs, then choose App Install. You can repeat the same process for any type of ad campaign.

Campaign Budget Optimization

There are two options available in this section.
  • The Daily Budget
Daily Budget means you’re telling Facebook to run an advertisement for a day for only 80, 100, or 500 rupees depending on your preferences. After your daily budget is exhausted, Facebook will stop showing you ads, and then it will continue tomorrow.
  • budget for life
A Lifetime Budget means you are telling Facebook I have X amount of money. You can exhaust all my balance in a day or a week. It all depends on you (Facebook).
I recommend using a daily budget to get more and better results. If your daily budget is exhausted, you can increase it to continue showing your ad.

Campaign Bid Strategy

Select your campaign Bid strategy to Lowest Cost to get more and better results. Then after click on the save button.

Ad set Name

Enter a name that is easy and rememberable. For example, enter “Website Traffic.”

Dynamic Creative

If your dynamic creative option is off, then make it on.

Budget & Schedule

You can set the time when your ad will be shown.

You can also set daily minimum and daily maximum limits. If you don’t want to set it, ignore it.

Create your Audience

You can target your audience by location, age range, gender, language, and interest.
If your service or products are for all countries, you can select a country name; otherwise, you can target your relevant audience by city or state.
For example, I want to sell women’s beauty products and my delivery service only for Maharashta and Gujrat. Then I will set my location as “Maharashtra and Gujrat”. My age range will be like 14-40 and my interest in beauty products, makeup, and so on. I will select the gender type “female” because it is a female beauty product.


You have to select your placements manually for better results.
  • You can target a specific device from which you want your ads to appear.
Select Your Platform

You may select which platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, you want your advertising to display on. There are numerous options available, and you can choose the best and most efficient for your Ad.

Optimize & Delivery

Select anyone out of four that’s best for your product or services.


Slect the Facebook Page.

Ad Creative

To attract a larger audience, upload or create a Facebook post that will be your advertisement post, which may include images, videos, and slideshows. Please make it attractive, then enter your primary text, post title, description, and website URL you want to promote.


Step 1: Click on the website’s events and click continue.
Step 2: Copy all the code and paste it in your website’s HTML code between Head
Click the “Publish” button

Payment options

Add money to the Facebook Ad Manager with Paytm, UPI, credit and debit cards, etc.
In less than an hour, your review process will be completed. If everything is right, your ads will be shown to your audience, otherwise, you have to recheck them and make some edits.
Congratulations, you have completed the creation of your Facebook Ads. I hope your website/business will grow every day. Good luck with your journey.


Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to promote your videos, websites, products, and services, among other things. I hope you liked our article. If you have any queries, please share them with us in the comments section. We will be happy to solve your problems.

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