How many iPhones can we bring from USA to India?  

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If you are planning to buy an iPhone from the USA, then you are reading the right article because in this article we will talk about how many iPhones can you bring from the USA to India.

I have noticed one thing: on this topic, which is buying iPhones from the USA and bringing them to India, there is no good article available on Google because of which you do not get a correct answer to this question. So let’s talk in detail about this topic and find out the correct answer is to this question is.

Can you bring iPhones from the USA to India?

We all know that there are lots of people planning to import an iPhone from the United States and Dubai, and one question comes to everyone’s mind: how many iPhones can we bring to India from the USA or Dubai?

It also comes into the minds of many people whether it is legal or not to bring iPhones from the USA or Dubai to India. The answer is yes, it is completely legal.  This is not an illegal thing because you are not smuggling an iPhone. It is 100% legal because a lot of people get scared of spending a lot of money to buy an iPhone, and after that, when bringing an iPhone into India, if it does not come, it will be a big loss.

You have nothing to fear from customs because customs is only scary for those who plan to resell an iPhone. If you are bringing iPhone from USA or Dubai to India only for the purpose earning more money then it is dangerous.

We are consumers, and we always think that there are so many taxes like GST, Income Tax, and other import charges, and when we combine all these taxes, the end-user cost is way higher than expected, which is the reason we import iPhones from the USA to India. There is absolutely no problem with importing iPhones from the USA or Dubai to India, but make sure that you are buying the exact iPhone for yourself and your family members.

How many iPhones can we bring from the USA to India?

You must be thinking exactly how many iPhones we can bring from the USA or Dubai to India. Then I can tell you that there is no exact answer because the only problem with Indian customs is regarding the quantity and it is completely based on experience. If you are bringing it to resell, then they will surely take hold of you.


According to my personal experience and after doing some research, if one person is coming, then the maximum limit is two iPhones, but it does not mean that if two people are coming, then they can bring four iPhones.

Till now, the maximum allowed iPhones is 2 iPhones, and the main purpose of this article is to say don’t bring iPhones for everyone. If you want to buy an iPhone yourself, then buy it and come to India. If you want to bring one more, then you can do so. But don’t try to bring more than 2 iPhones because it will be dangerous.

I hope you liked this article and you can tell by commenting whether you are planning to import an iPhone from outside of your country or not and from where you got your first iPhone.

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